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Adress: Fehmi Agani, str.52/7, Prishtina. Tel: + 381 38 (0) 731 111 
web: iteg‐, email: info@iteg‐, 
ITEG data warehouse 
Creating geo‐database and web based GIS application for hierarchical and  
internal use. Digitizing from ortho‐photos (15, 20 and 40 cm – resolution)  
the green areas, parks, cemeteries, roads, buildings, KEK infrastructure, and  
other ancillary information for navigation or for publishing maps. The office  
work is complemented with field work to enrich the geo‐database. Digitizing  
all information in the scale 1:500 and publish in required scale such 1:1000,  
1:2500 etc for ex: capturing road names and categories (first, second, third  
(paved, unpaved), dead ends.), business by categories etc.