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Adress: Fehmi Agani, str.52/7, Prishtina. Tel: + 381 38 (0) 731 111 
web: iteg‐, email: info@iteg‐, 
RWCP (Regional Water Company in Prishtina) –
Development and Installation of WebGIS at RWCP, 
 financed by LAHMEYER International, 
The web based GIS customized application it is developed and installed in Linux operating system on RWC Prishtina 
Installed Operating system: Linux CentOS 5.5 
Applications for database: Apache, MySQL for GIS 
Web Server & firewall: Linking Web Server & Firewall software on the network 
Web GIS Installation: Web GIS Installation in the operating system's in the Web Server 
Backup: Establish an automatic periodic backup for Web server and ITEGIS Web GIS Software 
Software with RWCP request it is online in their intranet system, fully functional with all tools and extensions.
The dedicated user training for RWC Prishtina technical staff was delivered. The training was held in two phases.  
First phase it was conducted the basic training in GIS,  
Second phase the advanced training was conducted in GIS Software, data cleaning, maintenance and 
connection with costumer database 
With this software it is delivered the training manual in both languages in CD and hardcopy format.