Development of the Digitized Mapping Platform

Module I: General Election Information – will present general election information at national, municipal, and polling center level.
Module II: Disability Access – will present the level of access for persons with disabilities in polling centers, Municipal Election Commission (MEC) and political party offices, and campaign venues throughout Kosovo, at national, municipal, and individual (polling center, office etc.) levels.
Module III: Election Results – will present map and certified final election results by political entity for all municipal and national assembly elections in Kosovo from 2000, also for candidates and political entities for all municipal mayor elections and by elections since 2000, with ability to add data for all future elections and by-elections.

WCM( Regional Water Company in Mitrovica)

Replacing old network, designing new and migrating entire internal communication system in UTP and Optical Fiber, RWCM.

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ARKEP(Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications)

Creating Geographic information Web Based website Integrated System, WebGIS for TRA, ITEG has developed including designing from scratch architectural geo-database. documentatation of aerial and undergraund infrastructure for each operator, no matter the technology used to offer services ( HFS, Coax, Twisted Cable, GSM Antenna, Transmitters etc ). Entire telecom providers (private, agencies, organizations ) in one centralized system in Kosovo.

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RWCP (Regional Water Company in Prishtina) Development and Installation of WebGIS at RWCP, financed by LAHMEYER International
The web based GIS customized application it is developed and installed in Linux operating system on RWC Prishtina server. • Installed Operating system: Linux CentOS 5.5 • Applications for database: Apache, MySQL for GIS • Web Server & firewall: Linking Web Server & Firewall software on the network • Web GIS Installation: Web GIS Installation in the operating system’s in the Web Server • Backup: Establish an automatic periodic backup for Web server and ITEGIS Web GIS Software