IPKO telecommunication

Third renewed 3 year contract (until January 2018) for documentation of KEDS infrastructure (Kosovo Energy Corporation), Documentation of technical acceptance of underground Infrastructure, Documentation of HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network.  Capturing underground and aerial KEDS infrastructure such as power line, direction, linked polls with attributes and themes.

Surveying entire region for aerial underground infrastructure Creating profile length and transversal profile of the road side digging. Conceptual, Supervising, Documentation and final project for assembling fiber optics cable channel and preparing and delivering for the license.

Realistic 3D Visualizations of Flushing Commons Exterior

3D Rendering for N.A Perkins Eastman Architects, company based in NY. Request to create realistic 3D visualizations from the architectural drawings into 3D modeling or 3D Exterior from the sketches. The work included: Interior 3D or/and Exterior 3D ‐ Scene setup, including final rendering, 3D models for: Buildings, Facades, landscape (grass, trees), outdoor furniture, pools, cars etc, Lightning: setup of lights in the scene, Texturing & Materials: setup of materials and textures, Rendering: Draft‐production  images, Final rendering of ONE cameraview, Postproduction: Finishing touches, background, contrast, colors, etc