Feasability Study for Remote Central Heating (District Heating with Surrounding Area)
with ID No
OB 14-18-9178-2-2-1 and Internal No. 614 18 074 221 in the Municipality of Obiliq and the surrounding area is financed from the budget of Obiliq municipality through public tender and contracted with contract no. 074/2018 of 08.01.2019

Study conducted by: Feasibility study for Remote Central Heating System for Obiliq Municipality was conducted by the consortium of companies / design offices:

Enggroup Company LLC – Prishtina – Tasked with analyzing the necessary capacity for power supply for heating; technical analysis for installation and equipment for Thermofication system, investment analysis and financial parameters and the effect – influence of reducing CO2 emission as a result of Thermofication system implementation and

ITEG Company LLC – Prishtina – tasked with field data collection and data digitalisation; determination of building surface based on respective thematic, their classification based on purpose and function, determination and data input for detailed analysis generation

Authors of the Study
1. Dr. Armin Teskeredzic
2. Ing dip. Mak. Avni Sfishta
3. Ing dip. Mak. Driton Hyseni
4. Ing dip. Ndert. Kreshnik Shehu
5. Ing dip. Ndert. Argjent Nela – GIS Ekspert
6. Ing dip. Mak. Halim Halimi
7. Adriatik Sejdiu – GIS Ekspert

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