· Installed the operating system: Linux CentOS 5.5 & applications for a database: Apache, MySQL for GIS;
· Installed web Server & firewall: Linking Web Server & Firewall software on the network;
· Installed a web GIS application (ITEG & GeoStudio3D/inkGIS Software)
· Established an automatic periodic backup for the web server and ITEG & GeoStudio3D/inkGIS Software;
· Delivered custom made tool to link RWCP Costumer database with ITEG & GeoStudio3D/inkGIS Software;
· Delivered in hardcopy only the ITEG & GeoStudio3D/inkGIS Software license, one license with multi users;
· Delivered software manual in both languages (English & Albanian), hardcopy (10 copies in color) and in pdf electronic format on CD (one copy with possibility of duplicating);
· Delivered certificates for advanced training in hardcopy only for each participant.
The online application is fully functional in both Albanian & English languages including custom made tools and
extensions requested by the representative of RWC Prishtina. The dedicated user training for RWC Prishtina technical staff was delivered.
· Basic training in GIS, and Advanced training in ITEG & GeoStudio3D/inkGIS Software, data cleaning, maintenance, support and connection with customer database.

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