Conclusive series of on-the-job training on spatial database, and related data processes commences in northern municipalities

On-the-job training activities will be implemented from June 26 to July 09, 2019- two days/ municipality, and will take place in the municipal spatial database cabinets. The training has already commenced in Leposavic, and will continue in Mitrovica North and Zvecan, and will conclude in Zubin Potok.

The training is intensive and practice oriented, and it aims at strengthening the skills of the spatial database administrators and (spatial/ sectoral) planning officers, for advancing the spatial database design/ development, maintenance and management, respectively for conducting technical operations in support of formulating planning documents and development management. Respective spatial databases are locally stored in equipment provided by the Inclusive Development Programme.

This series of training marks the last out of five progressively delivered series, by closing the cycle of the training and capacity strengthening activities in the domain of spatial database, and data related processes.

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